20 March 2011

New Spring & Summer Class Schedule

It has been said that Spring is Nature's way of saying: Let's Party! - so why fight it? In the spirit of the season - here is the NEW Washington Glass School class schedule! The Lampworking Schedule will be online shortly.
Class 1046 - Turning Your Wood - Cuts and Lino - Cuts Into Cast Glass Panels

This incredible process will allow your wood cuts or lino cuts to be duplicated in a cast glass panel with out harming your original cut piece! What a miraculous way for that printing technique to be used architecturally! You can also print from the glass plate. Imagine a wall of your wood cuts all translated into glass, then gridded out within in a metal frame....and made into a 10 ft high x 20 ft long wall. Or as simple a single back-lit glass panel! ....The possibilities are myriad! This is the perfect way for a lino cut printer to enter the world of large scale public art or to incorporate a quality of translucency into their work. The process is very simple to learn ....... and it will expand your artistic dialog exponentially .... All while using your own imagery!

InstructorKirk Waldroff
DatesSaturdays April 2,9 & 16
Time1pm - 5pm


Class 1101 - Lighting Solutions For Your Home

This class will bring some serious color to your life, and brighten up your living space. This is the perfect way to use glass in a most practical application: ceiling lamps. You will design your own colored glass, determine your own shape, and have your choice of several different hanging or mounting options. For considerably less than the price of a designer fixture, you can put your own name on one. Tuition includes glass, mold materials, and mounting hardware. No glass experience is needed, and electrical experience will be provided.

InstructorErwin Timmers
DatesWed Evenings in May 4,11 & 18
Time7pm - 9:30pm

pendant light

Class 1102 - Beginner’s Glass Lovers Weekend

Our most popular class, this is the fastest way to learn all aspects of warm glass in the shortest amount of time! Under the supervision of a professional glass artist you will learn the fundamentals of fusing, slumping and dimensional kiln casting. Everything from bowls and plates to sculptural objects... this is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the basics of glass... and you will leave with several very cool items! Offered 2 times in the spring/summer schedule.

InstructorRobert Kincheloe, Tim Tate
  • Session 1102A Sat/Sun May 21 & 21
  • Session 1102B Sat/Sun July 16 & 17
Time1 pm to 5 pm each day
Tuition$300 per student (all materials included)
kilnformed glass

Class 1103 - Going Green - Recycled Glass Art Workshop

Green up your life by doing something creative to help the environment! This is an exploration into using recycled glass to make sculptural pieces, architectural elements, and tableware. We will delve into multiple techniques, including casting, fusing and slumping. Glass chemistry, coloration, and firing temperatures will be explained for each particular application. It is a fantastic way to learn aspects of any warm glass work while focusing on recycling! Once you start down the path of recycled glass, you will see more and more opportunities for experimentation around you. No prior experience is necessary - you are encouraged to bring in materials you'd like to try...and you will leave with several very cool items!

InstructorErwin Timmers
DatesWed Evenings in June (1,8,15)
Time7pm - 9:30pm

recycled glass

Class 1104 - Hot Class Casting with Glass Inclusions and Cast Metal Bases

Here is this summer's fun and unusual crossover class! Start here at the Washington Glass School making molds from clay or lost wax. After those parts are cast and cleaned up....we next head to our sister school, DC Glassworks and ladle cast glass over those inclusions and then pour molten aluminum for the bases. This is one intense class! While it will be a lot of work.....the results will be purely sculptural.

InstructorDave D'Orio, Tim Tate & Erwin Timmers
DatesSat June 25 & Sat July 9
Time1pm to 5pm each day

Class 1105 - Beginner’s MIG Welding

Ever wondered about learning to weld? Want to impress your friends, your older brother and that cute bartender? It's easier than you think! In three evenings you will learn how to lay a bead, and handle all sorts of sharp and dangerous tools. You will be able to complete a small project and leave with lots of ideas and know-how for other projects. This class will teach you the basics of welding, metal work and design, joining, bending and finishing. And you will get dirty!

InstructorErwin Timmers
DatesWednesday evenings in June(29) and July (6, 13)
Time7pm - 9:30pm


Class 1106 - Bas- Relief In Glass / Overview of Deep Relief Dry Plaster Casting

Tired of working flat? Want an easy way to get some real depth into your glass? Here's a fun class where you will learn one of the easiest methods of kilncasting sheet glass to achieve bas-relief sculpture. This incredibly versatile method has endless fine art and architectural applications. In this two day class, we will discuss different types of glass and their firing schedules. Working with color and how it can affect dimensional casting will also be explored. Bring items you may want to cast with this method or choose from our image library. All materials and firings included.

InstructorMichael Janis
DatesSat/Sun Aug 20 & 21
Time2pm - 5pm

Class Class 1107 - Studio Access/Open Studio

Already know the basics of casting or fusing? Open Studio gives each student the opportunity to work independently in a world class studio. Tuition includes a kiln firing per session, clear base glass and colored scrap glass, use of studio tools.

InstructorStudio Staff
DatesWed./Thurs./Sat (call to confirm appointment)
Time1pm - 5pm
Tuition4 sessions - $300
jon cofield working in the glass school

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