29 December 2008

Spotlight on JEFF ZIMMER

We caught up with Jeff Zimmer, a Washington Glass School alum, when he visited from Scotland. Jeff was a teaching assistant, (back in the day) and was one of the artists in our incubator program. Jeff went to Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and received his Masters of Design, Architectural Glass in 2005. This past September, he was one of the artists in the British Glass Biennale.

His glass artwork had early on received much attention, including Judith Schaechter listing Jeff as one of 10 glass artists to watch in an article in Glass Magazine (Fall 2003).

“images are built through multiple firings on many layers of glass, allowing an opacity and range of tones not often found in stained glass and permitting the object to ‘move’ as the layers shift in relation to each other with the movement of the viewer.” Jeff Zimmer
View Jeff's website HERE

26 December 2008

Back at Work @ the Glass School

Boxing day is not a US holiday - the Glass School artists are focused on creating new pieces

Tim Tate applies oil paint stain to his cast glass elements

Michael Janis does some sgraffitto for a new tarot card - 'The Magician'

Nancy Donnelly works on a new glass dress.

24 December 2008

Holiday Greetings to All...

...And to all a Roast Beast!

22 December 2008

Glass School Homework

A new class will have its debut in this session - Cobalt Blue Bowls. This class works with everyone's favorite color - the lush, strong, deep cobalt blue. Click Here to see the class dates and times of what will be a fun class!

21 December 2008

another tim tate video

via Globatron

via Lenny Campello's facebook page.

20 December 2008

New Orleans Aids Memorial

Tim Tate's cast glass and steel sculpture won the international design competition held in New Orleans. It took many years to pull together financing and organize the construction; the park opened November 29, 2008, timed to open before World AIDS Day.

In the words of the committe: Set in historic Washington Square Park, the New Orleans AIDS Memorial will provide a healing sanctuary for family and friends and will promote understanding of the human tragedy of the AIDS epidemic. It (was the) goal for the monument to create a public landscape where anyone who has been touched by AIDS can find comfort and consolation within a dignified and creative community setting.
The memorial, made of concentric bronze circles framing inspirational multicultural cast glass faces, will provide a powerful yet comforting reminder of the meaning behind the memorial. Leading up to the memorial, a pathway of granite stones, inscribed with names of loved ones, will allow visitors to reflect on the way this disease has forever transformed our world.

The sculpture's design, which incorporates cast glass faces that keep watch thru metal portals, is the focal point for the yearly "AIDS Walk" that commences at the park.

photography by Jonathan Traviesa

18 December 2008

a shelf of parts

objects for future sculptures

17 December 2008

Lenny Campello Films a Tim Tate Show

13 December 2008

Washington Glass School Open House

last minute organizing before the open studio........

once it started i was too busy to take photos, but thanks to everyone that came out and made such a success.

12 December 2008


the washington post has mention of our open studio holiday sale HERE
Washington Glass School Open House and Holiday Sale!

There will be art, glass, music, food, jewelry, craft, class discounts & more!
Artwork by glass artists (including Michael Janis, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, Sean Hennessey and all the Washington Glass Studio artists) will be on exhibit and for sale.

The adjoining artist studios will all be joining us to make for a huge event: Cool ceramics works from the artists of Flux Studios and Red Dirt Studios, including works by Novie Trump, Margaret Boozer, and Laurel Lukaszewski; amazing painting and encaustic works by Sinel/Stewart/Weiss Studios, Janis Goodman, Blue Fire Studio and the other artists in the Studios along the Railroad Tracks.

The Gateway Arts District has coordinated the surrounding arts & craft venues and galleries to coincide with events going from Mount Rainier through Brentwood and Hyattsville.

What : Annual Holiday Party and Sale!
Where : The Washington Glass School, 3400 Otis Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712
When : Saturday Afternoon, December 13th from 2pm to 6pm


Saturday, December 13th, 2:00pm -6:00pm
Washington Glass School
3700 Otis Street
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

11 December 2008

the Erwin Timmers Movie

10 December 2008

game plan for cleanup

game plan for cleanup, originally uploaded by Scenic Artisan.

the studio is all nice and clean now.

09 December 2008

The Michael Janis Movie

06 December 2008

Our list of classes for the new year!

Our list of classes for the new year!

Class 900 - Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend
Class 901 - Kiln Casting with Lea Topping
Class 902 - Cobalt Blue Bowls!
Class 903 - Beginning MIG Welding
Class 904 - Deep Relief Dry Plaster Casting
Class 905 - Making Glass Sconces For Your Home
Class 906 - Mold Making / Concrete Casting & Finishing
Class 907 - Studio Access/Open Studio
Plate Glass Class
more info here

04 December 2008

Washington Glass School Holiday Sale and Open House 2008!

Come join us for our big Open House and Holiday Sale!

Tons of Glass Fine Art and Craft for Sale - Music, Food, Class Specials! The perfect place to find the unique present – make a day of it! Gift suggestion: A Washington Glass School Class Gift Certificate!

Saturday, December 13th, 2:00pm -6:00pm
Washington Glass School
3700 Otis Street
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712