02 July 2013

Happy Birthday USA!

Unbuilt Public Art Proposal -
Concept sketch showing abstracted US flag in the glass verticals.

Rendering of art glass wall.
Way back in the mists of time, (in 2005), the Washington Glass Studio developed a public artwork proposal for a park being created in a new mixed used development in Virginia. In honor of the 4th of July, the underlying themes of the project make this a suitable blog subject.
The original proposal was to create a wall of glass, with each cast glass segment combining to create an abstracted image of the USA flag.  
Color-shifting glass was proposed - and would make the artwork different based on the light in the day or  at night.
The stripes of the abstract flag would be made up of many faces - a metaphor of “Out of many, one” (E pluribus unum). 
Texture and color were to have a strong interplay in the glass

The wall of glass separated the private parkland area from the commercial/retail area. The artwork had to define the zones, yet allow visual contact between. Lighting effects were also planned to make the most of the color-shift glass. The proposed artwork would look different from daytime to night.
A number of design changes took place, and the project did not proceed in this form. Perhaps someday...! 

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