29 June 2012

Glass BLAST! in London

Cate Watkinson
BLAST! 2012
July 6 – August 8, 2012

Joanne Mitchell
London, England's ZeST Contemporary Glass Gallery is hosting BLAST! 2012, the 10th anniversary exhibition of Cohesion Glass Network. Cohesion Glass Network is an initiative supported by the UK's Sunderland City Council as a way to create a business network for glassmakers and artists. 

Tim Tate
To celebrate this landmark, ZeST Gallery has invited eight of Cohesion’s founding members to exhibit their latest artworks and provided the opportunity to select an artist to be a “partner” and show work alongside them.

Roger Tye
These eight artists are Criss Chaney, Dominic Fonde, Zoe Garner, Ruth Lyne, Joanne Mitchell, Claudia Phipps, Roger Tye and Cate Watkinson.  They have selected partners whose work they admire, or find complementary to their own, or in some cases they have joined forces to create unique collaborative work, exploring and developing themes and concepts held in common. Some, but not all, of the partner artists are Cohesion members, and all but one of the partners are artists working in glass.
Michael Janis
Cohesion artist Joanne Mitchell chose Washington Glass Studio artist Tim Tate. Cohesion’s Roger Tye is paired with WGS’ Michael Janis. Michael and Tim were both at Cohesion's studios while in the UK on their Fulbright assignment.

The exhibition features a diverse selection of glass art, including wall-mounted and installation artwork, as well as vessels and sculpture, and embodies a broad spectrum of processes and techniques. The pairings within the show create an exciting dynamic of glass, artistic and otherworldly narratives.
Carrie Fertig
Artist pairings include:
Criss Chaney with Robyn Townsend
Dominic Fonde with Chua Teng Yeow
Zoe Garner with Carrie Fertig
Ruth Lyne with Rachel O'Dell
Joanne Mitchell with Tim Tate
Claudia Phipps with June Kingsbury
Roger Tye with Michael Janis
Cate Watkinson with Emma Hollins

Blast! 2012
July 6 – August 8, 2012
Zest Contemporary Glass Gallery
Roxby Place (end of Rickett Street)
London SW6 1RS

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