16 January 2012

History of Fused Glass

Update: Click Here for Part 1 The Pioneers
Click HERE for Part 2 The 60's, 70's & 80's

2012 is the milestone year for the American Studio Art Glass Movement - taking its start the Toledo workshops with Harvey Littleton &  Dominick Labino. I know there are many events planned and stories that will be published this year about how glass moved from the factory into the hands of artists - but for studio glass - usually the focus is on blown glass.
I want to do a blog posting that references the history of warm glass.

Who would you suggest as the fused glass pioneers, superstars & legends? I know of Klaus Moje and Richard La Londe - but who else jumps to mind when mentioning kiln-formed glass?
Klaus Moje
Ray Ahlgren, Dan Schwoerer, Boyce Lundstrom (Bullseye Glass Founders in the groovy 1970's)

Personally, I'd prefer suggestions of artists that set the foundation for and outlined the language on which we all build our work upon. Pix, links - all is welcome as suggestions.

You can post ideas here or email me at the glass school: (washglassschool@aol.com)

Thanks! B


Anonymous said...

Narcissus Quagliata

Diane Cooper Cabe said...

There was a South Jersey contingent of the studio movement, including Lucartha Kohler (http://www.lucarthakohler.com/), one of my inspirations for casting glass.

She has written several books that were my early references.

Diane Cooper Cabe