11 April 2011

Printmaking with Glass

Making prints from Glass?! Instructor Kirk Waldroff has been teaching a class in making wood or lino block prints, translating that into glass, and pulling prints from the glass panels. This original process is created by expand on and combining traditional printmaking with modern glass sculpting techniques.

The glass positives inside the kiln - to be cleaned and inked.

Kirk oversees the student Nancy Donnelly inking the block.
Some of the first prints pulled.
Instructor Kirk Waldroff expresses his happiness with the day's results.

The class wraps up next week, with the students working on a more complex prints.

Hallo Deutsch Besucher!


jennifer said...

I do blown sculpted glass work and some silk screening as well. wonder if I could incorporate this technique into my blown work. any thoughts?

mMmily said...

My friend and I are attending Alfred University each studying glass and printmaking. We having been thinking about combining the two mediums to create an installation piece and was wondering if you had any tips about etching glass panels/slabs or knew of any good articles to educate ourselves. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Tim Tate said...

Hey Jennifer....

You could incorporate this technique......in the same way you would make a bullseye glass roll-up. use high fire paint instead of ink......then roll up and blow out :)


Tim Tate said...

Hey mMmily...

make sure you etch deeply on your wood block or lino cut.....lino cuts seem to work even better!