18 March 2010

Bullseye Roll-Up Class

How can you go from this

to this
The Washington Glass School has the answer: The Bullseye Roll-up class!
The students work at fusing a glass panel, working with color and depth. Click on the arrow to start the video

The second part of the class is held at DC GlassWorks hot shop, just down the road, where the glass gets really hot (over 2000 degrees F) and is rolled up and blown - helped by glass artists Michael Showalter and David D'Orio.

BE glass panels made by the students.
This class is a great way to take your glass panels to the next level - with dimension. There is another roll up class in the new class schedule - Class #1019

Music on the video is by the Washington Glass School's Kirk Waldroff's Omega Band.

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