27 September 2012

Artists To Watch - Jeremy Lepisto

It is our conviction that the people with the best eye for artistic talent are other artists. So for a new set of (seemingly randomly placed) ongoing blog postings titled “Artists To Watch”, we asked working artists which artists they have been watching or been influenced by. 
The profiles that follow will reflect a broad, international and quirky selection - there are some incredible choices notable in the variety of approaches represented. 
Our first profile is of an artist that was born in Fairfax, Virginia, and was recently named a “Rising Star” by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass - Jeremy Lepisto.
Jeremy Lepisto is a glass artist who has recently relocated to Canberra, Australia from Portland, Oregon. He creates works that have both physical and conceptual depth in his artwork through the layering of imagery. Jeremy received his BFA in glass and metals from Alfred University in 1997. He also recently completed serving 7.5 years on the Board of Directors for the Glass Art Society (GAS). 

In 2001, he co-founded Studio Ramp with his wife and fellow artist Mel George. Mel was appointed Artistic Programs Manager at Canberra Glassworks in 2009. Her narrative work will be featured in another posting. Jeremy and Mel teach a number of glass techniques at glass centers around the world; in 2005, I was part of their "Imagery in Glass" at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, where they outlined the sgraffito frit powder drawing technique. Jeremy is currently a studio artist and candidate for a PhD in Sculpture at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.
Jeremy Lepisto and Mel George at the 2012 GAS Conference
Jeremy utilizes glass to "highlight the simple components and ordinary workings of everyday situations to capture the complex in the common." His forms are minimal and often contain renderings of architectural structures, landscapes and people. Some of these works will focus on what Jeremy calls, "a detailed idea in juxtaposition to its general surrounding."
Finding inspiration in the silhouettes and lines of urban architecture, including obsolete water towers and the tangle of city power lines, Jeremy’s work encourages us to question and re-look at the surroundings we usually take for granted. Said Jeremy of his work: “…I try to highlight the ordinary components and simple workings of everyday life and situations to capture the complex in the common. I strive to create from these themes my own objects that have an intricacy of construction yet yield a result of seamless simplicity.” 
Jeremy Lepisto, "LAST SCENE" - kilnformed glass, 2004 (26"h x 5"w x 3"d)
from Jeremy's "Tower Series"

Jeremy’s painted, fused and coldworked glass sculptures speak of the everyday scenes, landscapes and spaces we all share. His detailed landscapes are constructed into three-dimensional forms to achieve great visual depth and a distinct perspective.
Jeremy Lepisto "Without Meeting", from his "Bridge Series"
Jeremy Lepisto "Without Meeting" detail 
click HERE to jump to Jeremy's description of the background to the series.
Jeremy integrates a unique mix of enamel painting and frit powder “sgraffito” drawing technique in his work – as demonstrated in this short video of his process. Click on arrow image below to play.

A number of Jeremy's recent series references his relocation to Australia - and the process of building a new stage in life.The works from his "CrateSeries" depict and address "the want for goods that are un-order-able, un-receivable and/or undeliverable."

Jeremy Lepisto, "Reach", photo by Rob Little
25"t x 16.5"w x 23.5"l
He clearly understands the demands and challenges of fused glass with his use of layers upon layers. Jeremy said that he is currently hunkered down working on his PhD in Sculpture. We look forward to seeing how his work will evolve!


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